PAB820 Heavy Duty

The PQUIP Euro X-Fold Walker is ideal for Nature Enthusiasts seeking a Heavy Duty Rollator that is Build to Perform in the Outdoors. Featuring Large 10 Inch Front Castors and 8 Inch Back Castors it Allows you to Effortlessly Maneuver Outdoors even on Rough Uneven Terrain, and Over Curbs. With an incredible 150kg weight capacity, and locking brakes you can rest and sit down safely regardless of where you are. A removable storage bag allows you to store your essentials such as your water bottle, medicines, and newspaper. Features: Lightweight rollator which folds easily for easy storage and portability, ideal for travel. Ergonomically designed handles for a comfortable grip Soft, flexible backrest provides comfort and security while seated Locking brakes for safety while seated Push button height adjustable handles to suit user requirements Small reflectors at the back of the handle included to enhance visibility at dusk or when dark 25cm (10″) diameter front wheels & 8″ rear castors for easier maneuvering e.g. over humps – suitable for both indoor and outdoor use Removable storage bag for storing shopping items and essentials. Come with a strap for easy carrying. Euro Xfold 10″ Walker Specifications

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