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Medication Services & Management

A comprehensive medication review is a service provided by pharmacists to patients and their health care providers. It involves talking to the patient and examining all the medications they take to identify medication-related concerns. Medications can be confusing, so this review will help you know what is going into your body. The comprehensive medication review will involve examining all prescription, non-prescription and complementary medications (vitamins and other supplements). 

Medication review can help avoid the issues that may arise due to a range of factors so, if you are taking medication, a comprehensive medication review is a crucial task to complete on a regular basis. If you have begun taking a new medicine recently or have had another significant lifestyle change, such as a change in diet or recent hospital visit, a medication management review should be scheduled to ensure no changes need to be made. Ask out Pharmacist for more details during your next visit.

Webster packing of medications

You are taking medication to stay healthy and happy. That is why it’s so important to know when to take it. With Webster Packing you don’t have to worry about forgetting whether you have already taken your pills, or whether you missed a dose. Our team can help create a weekly MPS roll pack that has all your medications in separate roll sachets. So, talk to our team member today and never worry about mistakes again!

Selected mobility item service & hire

We offer hire and repairs on selected mobility aids. We clean and maintain all the equipment available for hire to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. Talk to our professional team who can help you with your mobility needs or get in touch for more information or to arrange hire.

Home Modifications

Living at home is often the best choice for many people who have a disability. Let one of our Home Modification partners help you to modify your home into a disability safe place or just to assist with installing appropriate equipment such as grab rails, ramps, and other mobility aids.

Post-surgery & injury recovery aids

At Friendlies, we understand that recovering from injury or surgery is a difficult process. We have everything you need to get back on your feet, including a range of products designed to aid in the healing process.

Bariatric Aids

We offer a range of bariatric aids and equipment that are specifically designed for customers requiring equipment with a higher weight capacity, increased durability, ergonomics, and safety. Check our Mobility Shop website or come to talk to our Mobility expert to discuss the products to suit your need.

Incontinence Aids & Support

Toowoomba Friendlies offer a wide range of incontinence products. We have a large variety of stock available in store from disposable pads, pants and liners, catheter and uridome products too. We also carry a wide range of waterproof bedding (mattress protection, bed pads, doona covers etc). We have incontinence swimwear and incontinence underwear (BONDS) also available.  Our range includes products for reduced bacteria transfer and items to ensure comfort, dignity, safety, and good quality of life. We also stock a wide range of specially designed incontinence skincare products to treat and prevent incontinence associated skin conditions. The Continence Foundation of Australia recommends incontinence skincare products for all customers experiencing incontinence. Toowoomba Friendlies is a NDIS registered provider and can supply products to all NDIS participants. We work with many other providers and plan-managers to assist you with your needs. The NDIS team, in partnership with Hartmann, offer and provide FREE incontinence, hygiene and skincare training and education to all support workers, coordinators, allied health members and fellow community RNs to ensure the best products and information are available, which in turn will give you better incontinence management and peace of mind knowing the correct incontinence aids and products are available for you. If you are unsure of which incontinence aid you require, speak to one of our specialist nurses today who may provide a product sample for you to trial.

Vaccination Services

Our pharmacists also provide a vaccination service (Flu or Whooping cough). You can book an appointment at the time that works best for you and take advantage of this service when you’re picking up your medications from the pharmacy.

For details and to check service availability, contact our pharmacy. 

Diabetes Risk Assessment

Diabetes is a serious and complex condition, and you may be concerned about the implications of the disease and uncertain as to how it may impact your day-to-day life.

Do you think that you might be in a risk of Diabetes or have trouble with your blood sugar levels, been diagnosed with Diabetes, and still having some concerns or questions – come in today and talk to our friendly pharmacists? Our pharmacists are experts in diabetes care. We can check your blood sugar, do a Diabetes Medscheck and one-on-one consultation to help you understand the reason for your medications, how they benefit you and how you can manage of your diabetes. All that at Friendlies Pharmacy while you are waiting for your medication script to be completed. Ask our team for more details. Toowoomba Friendlies is NDSS registered and have a wide range of Diabetic consumables in stock.

Weight Loss Management

At Friendlies, we know weight loss doesn’t always easy. It’s a uniquely personal journey that requires the right support, products and lifestyle changes. So, it can be daunting to find your way. But don’t worry! We’re here for you every step of the way with expert advice. 

Talk to our Pharmacy team member about Toowoomba Friendlies Weight Loss management programs and support.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure is often called the ‘silent killer’. The Toowoomba Friendlies Pharmacy offers a free blood pressure monitoring service. Come in as often as you like at the times which suits you. No booking needed as your health matters to us.

Scheduled Delivery Services

Friendlies Pharmacy provides a delivery service to customers from Tuesday to Thursday.  Delivery on your designated day will incur a $4.40 charge.

Deliveries requested outside of your designated day will incur a $5.50.

Schedule your order to save your money!

Tuesday – North West Area (Wilsonton, Newtown, Cotswold Hills, Torrington, Rockville, Wilsonton Heights, Cranley etc)

Wednesday – South West Area (Harristown, Drayton, Glenvale, Darling Heights, Kearney Spring, South Toowoomba, Inner City etc)

Thursday – South East and North East Areas (Centenary Heights, Middle Ridge, Rangeville, Mt Lofty, Harlaxton, North Toowoomba, Prince Henry Heights etc)

We are happy to cooperate with you and post or courier medications to customers outside of Toowoomba.

Please contact the pharmacy for more details of our delivery service.

Home Incontinence Assessment

We understand that incontinence can be difficult to talk about. Our registered nurses will provide incontinence assessment in the comfort of your own home or in our dedicated consulting room. Our assessments are very comprehensive and include all the information, recommendations, and quote. Our incontinence specialist nurses also have access to FREE incontinence aid samples which can be arranged for you during your assessment. For more details check NDIS Services website or contact our NDIS and Aged Care team.

Catheter Management

At Toowoomba Friendlies, we provide the highest quality of care, with a focus on your wellbeing. Our highly experienced team of nurses will work with you to develop a catheter care program tailored to your specific needs. Your catheter management will be carried out safely and efficiently with minimal discomfort and our friendly nurse will guide you through every step of the process and adjustments as needed. Toowoomba Friendlies also stock a wide range of catheter products too.

Wound Change

Our nursing team provides competent and caring wound management at the home setting to NDIS participants. It is our goal to reduce discomfort, stress, and anxiety for people with a wound. Toowoomba Friendlies have a wide range of wound care products available. The NDIS team, in partnership with Hartmann, offer wound care training and education to all support workers, coordinators, allied health members and fellow community RN’s to ensure the latest products and information is available, which in turn will give you better wound management and peace of mind knowing the correct dressing and wound care products will be used.

Contact our NDIS team for more details.