Redgum All Terrain Walker 12″ Pneu Wheels

The Redgum All-Terrain Seat Waller has been specifically designed to handle all types of terrains and to take you off road! It is one of few Seat Walkers with 12″ pneumatic tyres (tubed air tyres), these extra-large wheels ensure a smooth ride even over rough terrains like gravel, uneven footpaths or over grass. Pneumatic tyres not only allow the walker to move smoother over rougher terrains but can provide added comfort and relief to the users joints whilst walking. Another key feature to the Redgum All-Terrain Seat Walker is its compact folding abilities. It can be folded completely down to easily fit in any size car boot, storage cupboard at home or whilst travelling on a rain, plane or bus. It has a max user weight of 136kg and overall weight of 11kg. Features: User friendly loop brake levers Height adjustable handles Ergonomic handgrips to reduce pressure brake + park brakes Simple brake cable adjustment Mesh seating Padded backrest Swivelling front wheels Removable bag Walking stick holder

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