The Wonder Sheet has been designed keeping both the user and carers needs in mind. Whether due to illness or a mobility issue, sometimes turning over and getting in and out of bed becomes difficult. The Wonder Sheet can make this easier. You can enhance your independence, increase your morale and be more comfortable in bed using the Wonder Sheet fitted sheet. The Wonder Sheet fitted sheet can benefit anyone of any age. May be beneficial for improving bed mobility for people with: *Parkinson’s disease *Motor Neuron disease *Quadriplegia *Stroke *Chronic arthritis *Ongoing chronic illness, pain & disability *Paraplegia *Brain injury *Joint pain *Poor circulation *Obesity *Polio *General ageing & weakness *Carer; home & facility *Cerebral Palsy *Muscular Dystrophy. Any illness or disorder really, that affects the ability to transfer in bed could benefit from the Wonder Sheet.

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